What Is the Technology Radar?

The Technology Radar is a list of technologies that Quadient ICA currently works with. It captures the adoption of these technologies in our company. It is very similar to the existing technology radars like ThoughtWorks Radar or Zalando Radar.

What Is the Purpose of the Technology Radar?

This Technology Radar serves as an overview for our engineering teams, partners, or simply whoever is interested. It is generated from technology pipeline tracking system that contains more information about every technology — in what products it is used, for what purpose etc.

How Often Is the Technology Radar Published?

For public purposes, the Technology Radar is published every quarter of the year (Q1 - Q4). Internally, the Technology Radar is created automatically on a monthly basis.

Description of Areas in Technology Radar

The rings in the radar represent the lifecycle of the technologies and the direction of their adoption is from the center to the sides (from less adopted to more adopted, from smaller to bigger, from faded to bright). The lifecycle has the following phases:

  • RESEARCH — Technologies that caught our attention, and we consider to use them. At this early phase, we are collecting information about current use case, alternatives, maturity, development and running costs, impacts.
  • FEASIBILITY PHASE — Technologies that we are currently exploring, doing spikes, as we believe that they may help us in our goals. When the feasibility phase is finished, we decide whether to use the technology in our products and services or not.
  • PRODUCTION — Technologies that we use in our products nowadays. We also plan to use them in the future as long as they fit their use case. We distinguish between technologies specific to selected projects with a limited use case and strategic technologies, which are the first choice for all ICA projects.

To create your own Technology Radar vizualization, feel free to use this open-source code.

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